Tevi Autocare Limited

Is a one stop shop for all your automotive needs from a wide range of suppliers in different fields to ensure we keep you moving. We endeavour to provide quality products and solutions for your automobile needs in the most accessible and convenient manner wherever you are.

Our Journey

Tevi which stands for Three Eagle Ventures International was an Idea from 3 friends guided by the
principles of an eagle. We registered as a sole proprietorship known as Tevi General Merchants (TGM) back
in 2011 as a business dealing with a wide range automobile products.
TGM was later incorporated on January 2018 to Tevi Auotocare Limited so as to reach a wider market based
on the experience and expertise gained over the years. During this journey we have gained experience in
sale of quality vehicle parts and accessories to our customers hence. Due to increasing demand and growth
of the market and in order to provide accessibility to our customers all over East Africa we as Tevi have put
in place plans for expansion through our online market.

Our Destination

We seek to be a leading global online market for all car parts and to connect buyers and sellers of automobile products and services.

Tevi Autocare Products

1. Vehicle parts and accessories
- Interior vehicle accessories and part. Vehicle seat covers, steering wheel covers, dashboards,
sprays, Vehicle electronics and gadgets
- Exterior vehicle accessories and parts- Wind shields, wipers, Chrome kits, grill guards, wheel plates,
side mirrors, fog lights, extension exhaust pipes.
- Vehicle service parts- Brake pads, Air cleaner, oil filters, spark plugs.
- Other Vehicle parts- Shocks, bush, bolts, nuts
- Bulbs and batteries
- Vehicle safety accessories- Jumper cables, reflectors, belts life savers, First Aid kits
- Vehicle security systems-Alarms and trackers.
2. Tires and Rims
- For all sizes and brands – Passengers vehicles, 4x4, trucks (light and heavy), off roads, Agricultural
and heavy commercial vehicles.
3. Online Market place
- We also provide online space for our clients to advertise other automobile related products including
sale of vehicles, services such as alignment and mechanic al solutions
- Our page also provides information on care and maintenance of vehicles as well as emerging trends
in the industry and reviews of products in the market.

Motto: "Keeping you mobile…"

Our Business Approach

1. Understand the client’s needs hence sourcing and posting of available products and services on
our web page.
2. Allowing for selection and purchase of products from the web page
3. Creation of online virtual accounts for our customers
4. Online billing of products selected
5. Delivery of products to customers
6. Payment via direct bank transfer, Mpesa,Visa/Master cards
7. After sale services

What we Value

  • Quality in products and delivery to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Intergrity as a core value in service delivery.
  • Innovativeness in supply of products and services in the most convenient manner.
  • Growth and developement of our product range and services
  • Excellence in all our pursuits.
  • What we do

    We offer you a one stop shop for all your Automobile parts and accessories needs from a large network of quality suppliers to ensure we keep you moving. We do this from a physical store but largely through our online shop website We also give you important information on your vehicle and an online market space for clients to sell their products.